Being ill really sets back work, school, family and social plans! So how about a new year’s resolution to have zero downtime?

This takes focusing on our immune systems which are weakened by stressors such as sedentary lifestyles, long commutes and working hours and conflicts. But healthy lifestyle habits and stress management techniques can help to counter these impacts.

  1. A biggie is eating healthily like limiting sugar, fat and salt, and including more fresh fruits, vegetables and salads.
  2. Other healthy habits are drinking six glasses of water a day, getting enough sleep and walking for 20 minutes a day for five or more days a week. Appalachian State University research shows fewer sick days are taken by people who do regular aerobic exercise.
  3. Try stepping back from a busy schedule to give bodies, minds and emotions a chance to reboot. Being quiet and alone has scientifically proven benefits for relationships and productivity.
  4. Good personal hygiene such as washing hands frequently and using food safety techniques, keep germs at bay and avoid infections.
  5. And to help strengthen natural immune defences and provide the body with antioxidant protection, consider Nativa Immune Complex. It’s a one-a-day, every day immune boosting nutritional supplement with a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbals and the amino acid Lysine. From the trusted Nativa nutritional supplement range, at around R126 for a month’s supply from pharmacies, Dis-Chem and Clicks.