If powering up your family’s immunity is top of mind, you’re not alone! The power of immune health has never been more important. Here are few useful tips to help give your family’s immunity a fighting chance:

Eat right regularly. Is your hearty meal fully loaded with whole grains, meat, veggies, starches, salad and seven colours every day? What about including specific superfoods and herbs like citrus fruits, rooibos, ginger, garlic, turmeric, honey in your daily diet? If not, you may need to supplement your diet with immune boosting nutrients and powerful antioxidants including Vitamin C-D A-E-K, selenium, and zinc.

Get enough shut-eye. Key infection-fighting molecules are produced during sleep. So, power up on sleep with these tips; take a bath, read or listen to soothing music before bedtime. If all else fails, a sleeping-aid may come in handy.

Be immune to stress. Ongoing stress is the enemy of your immune function. In fact, stress is a brain and immune system induced phenomena. Deep breathing, exercise, meditation or prayer can help you destress. Moreover, you can go outside, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the greenery, nature and vitamin D boost from sunshine. Safe remedies to help calm, relax your body, soul and mind are available.

Health is power! So, power up on good immunity and healthy habits such as healthy eating, sleeping and relaxing to support your wellbeing.