From long ago, Vitamin D has been in the spotlight or rather sunlight as the micronutrient for strong bones, muscles, overall health and once again recently. This time because of stress, lockdown, and stay-at-home orders that have created unprecedented changes in daily life concerning sun exposure, nutrition, exercise, sleep, weight, smoking and alcohol intake. All this contextualises our current struggles and increased metabolic need for vitamin D.

If you are often sick, feel stressed, tired or have other nagging symptoms you cannot figure out, you may be lacking vitamin D. When in doubt, do yourself a favour and power-up on vitamin D3 as part of your family’s immune defence cocktail everyday.

  • frequent sickness & downtime
  • daytime fatigue or prolonged tiredness
  • unexplained headaches or brain fog
  • muscle, bone or joint pain
  • weakness or frailty
  • mood swings

Remember, that you have three choices to power-up your daily dose of vitamin D through sunlight, diet and supplements!

Take it outside bare to harness the power of sunshine and fresh air! Sunrays cannot penetrate your skin through sunscreen barrier, concealing clothes or windows. Be sun smart, avoid prolonged direct intense sunlight, stay in the shade and wear a hat, sunglasses always.

– Forget the gym and exercise in your backyard with your whole family

– Take your comfort breaks, working lunch and team lunches outside

– Hold business meetings and family gatherings in the foyer, backyard patio or garden

– Take your long calls or meetings walking-and-talking around the neighbourhood

Healthily indulge on dietary sources

– Replace some red meat with fish like salmon, herring, sardines and canned tuna

– Eat the whole egg as the yolk is where the vitamin D lives

– Take your daily dose of Cod Liver oil , ½ teaspoon for children, and 1 teaspoon for adults

– Choose fortified foodstuffs including cow’s milk, soymilk, orange juice and oatmeal

Top up with a strong vitamin D3 supplement after your biggest meal of the day, which may improve absorption, resulting in increased blood levels, as new studies recommend.

You could be someone’s sunshine today, so help spread the word about VITAMIN D. We may use your outdoor habits in a future story, so share your favourite outdoor escapes in the comments below, send us a message at or ideas, shout-outs and photographs through our story page, or write to