Urinary Frequency, Urgency, Burning

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom to urinate all day long? Or waking up several times at night? Having this “gotta-go” feeling that you cannot ignore or delay? Struggling to hold urine until you reach a restroom due to a sudden, strong urge or that burning feeling to urinate?

If you answered yes, to any of these symptoms you could be struggling with urinary tract or bladder problems which may lead to loss of bladder control over time.5,7 Urinary and bladder symptoms like frequency, urgency, and burning are common, and typically affect both men and women and can also occur at any age.

Should You Be Concerned About Urinary Frequency, Urgency, and Burning?

Urinary frequency, urgency, and burning can last a couple of days or weeks and even disappear only to return later depending on the underlying causes. Generally, these symptoms are not life-threatening but can reduce your quality of life or disrupt your daily routines and errands such as shopping, travelling or nighttime urination which can disturb your sleep or ‘me’ time.

If after a few days7 you are still presenting with warning signs or urinary symptoms, then it’s important to seek professional help immediately because complications linked to urinary tract infections and underlying diseases, or medical conditions can be serious and need to be resolved with proper medical screening, assessments, diagnosis, and treatment.5,7

Why are you experiencing the sudden, intense urge or immediate need to urinate?

Frequency, urgency, and burning with urination may be stimulated by various factors, including;

  1. Common urine infections — Most are caused by bacteria, and yeast but some are caused by fungi and, in rare cases, by viruses. Occurs because of an overgrowth in the vagina, bladder,urinary tract, urethra, kidney, and prostate.5,7
  2. Particular routine, context, setting or perspective — For example, upon waking up, rising, hearing running water, cold weather, fatigue, extreme excitement, suspense or panic, arriving at home or the toilet and seeing toilet signage.
  3. Strain — This pressure is often exerted on the bladder from straining, coughing, sneezing, laughing, overweight, exercising, or heavy lifting.
  4. Age — As you get older, the bladder muscles age as well, and involuntary bladder contractions increase while storage capacity decreases.
  5. Poor urination habits — For example, wiping from back to front or holding in urine for too long due to the lack of toilets, restricted or no access, waiting in long queues, hygiene concerns, and lack of privacy in shared public toilets.
  6. Over-hydration — drinking extra liquids or fluids is unlikely to cause overhydration because whatever isn’t used or needed in the body, goes out in the urine.
  7. Constipation — This can cause the rectum to swell with stool and push on the bladder. The distended rectum leaves less room for the bladder to fill and creates an urge to pee frequently.
  8. Intake of stimulants & other diuretic agents — Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, protein, salt, sugar and certain medicines like ‘water-pills’ used for blood pressure or fluid balance are diuretics, meaning they make your bladder fill up quickly, resulting in the frequency and urgency.
  9. Diet — Acidic (sour) foods and drinks (for example, citrus fruits) can act as irritants and cause burning pain and urgency during urination.

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