Diabetic Nutrient Deficiencies

You may think multivitamin and mineral deficiencies are a thing of the past that was experienced only by sailors on long sea voyages. But even today, it’s possible to lack some of the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally, particularly if you have prediabetes or diabetes.

Nutrient deficiencies alter bodily functions and processes at the most basic cellular level. These processes include hormones and water balance, enzyme function, circulation, nerve signalling and sensations, digestion, absorption, detoxification, respiration, energy, immunity, and metabolism support. Resolving these deficiencies is important for good health, immunity, and daily functions.

What do we know about the effectiveness of dietary supplements for diabetes?1-6

Research and experts have shown a link between low nutrient levels and increased risk for glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.4 They have also found that supplementation can: 

  • Help improve nutrient deficiencies and insulin sensitivity1-4 
  • Support your body to manage diabetes1-6 
  • Provide powerful antioxidants to defend and protect against free radical damage, and oxidative stress produced by abnormalities in glucose metabolism.1,4,5
  • Assist with thyroid function4
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar uptake, liver glucose output as well as metabolism of glucose, fats, cholesterol, and amino acids in the body4

Which nutrients are diabetics need but may be deficient in?1-6

Poor intake of micronutrients is common, like multivitamins, minerals, chromium, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, calcium, folic acid, CoQ10, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin A – C – E – D3 – B3 – B6 – B12, as well as plant compounds like berberine, cinnamon, gymnema, sylvestre, bitter melon, goat’s rue, fenugreek, hawthorn, aloe vera, mulberry leaves, milk thistle, turmeric, ginger, garlic palmitoleic acid, pyrrolo-quinoline quinone (MicroPQQ), quercetin, oregon grape, resveratrol, inositols, and chitosan oligosaccharide.

How do you know if you are lacking in micronutrients?3,4,6,7

Professional routine bloodwork and regular medical check-ups may confirm low micronutrient levels before you recognize symptoms. Fatigue, lack of energy, weakness, poor vision, numbness or tingling in the legs, feet or hands, shakiness, and dizziness are some of the symptoms of multivitamins and micronutrient deficiencies to look out for. Severe deficiencies can cause serious health issues such as poor emotional health and mental function, and vulnerability to degenerative disease due to diabetes, its complications, ageing, and lifestyle choices.

The good news is that you can support healthy blood sugar balance and manage diabetes with these easy self-care tips together with Nativa Complex® Diabetic Multivitamin. Nativa Complex® Diabetic Multivitamin can also assist the body to replenish vitamins that are sometimes depleted using certain chronic medication for diabetes. The multiple ingredients work together to support healthy metabolic functions, eyes, nerves, circulation, and it can assist to overcome nutrient deficiencies.


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