About Us

Based on Nature. Backed by Science.

Nativa Complex® range is a 1-stop shop of health supplements fused with herbal extracts. Our ranges are backed by science to offer high quality solutions that support families’ wellbeing across different ages, life stages, lifestyles, genders and medical history. Nativa Complex® product ranges are scientifically formulated with a well-balanced multi-ingredient complexes of herbal extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids.

Our Brand Story

Nativa Complex® range is a flagship brand within Nativa’s portfolio in terms of its essence, core competitive identity and prestige in the market. By nature since its inception in 2002, Nativa Complex® range has been fuelled by a single minded purpose, which is to “enrich people’s lives by delivering trusted solutions that improve wellness and quality of life.” The benefits of taking Nativa Complex® supplements includes • Protects overall health and helps prevent diseases • Provides tailored nutrition to counter specific micronutrient insufficiencies or deficiencies, inadequate intake and poor absorption of essential nutrients • For extra nutritional support when you have increased needs e.g. stress, sickness, growth spurts, ageing, exercise, lifestage transitions or changes in your daily routines.

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