Mrs F. Achmat

Hi, I am a regular user of Diabetic Vitamin Capsule and find it to be an excellent product.

Kaylynn Marshall

Great immune booster that works well for daily immune system protection and strengthening.

Karen Maduray

Nativa brings out the best Healthier version of me.

Rushi Pandya

One of the best immune boosters.

Mrs S. Brijlal

Good day I am a 47 year old female and I want to thank you so much Nativa. Your products are so amazing. Especially your Cranberry complex…. I suffered with cystitis for over 20 years and about 3 years ago, I discovered this miracle capsule. Within minutes of taking it, I found such relief. I recommend it to all my friends and family and they are taking it with so much success. You guys have created such an excellent product and I want to compliment you and say keep up the good work. The other products I love is the osteo Eze rub, the osteo gold capsules (this gives my me such relief from my arthritis) and the turbovite. U guys need to Market you products more cos they are amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you once again and God bless you for doing so much for women’s health. Best regards

Candice Vincent

Nativa Night Complex is my favourite… at the start of lockdown I battled to sleep for nights on end, if I did sleep I would wake up and have disrupted sleep every 15 minutes throughout the night. Nativa Night Complex has helped my body cope with the sleeplessness and disrupted sleep-wake patterns. It is amazing and has really helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. It has also helped me to wake up refreshed which have been a huge difference for me.

Anu Naidoo

The Nativa Complex Vitamin C Tabs love that the entire family can take these tabs it’s great for our health to boost and strengthen our immunity system protect us against viral infections. An absolutely effective product and I highly recommend the use of it.

Lynette Ramasamy

I love the Nativa Complex Range Vitamin C Fizzy sachets. It’s been our lifesaver during flu & cold season and now more than ever with this dreaded pandemic.

Charmaine Moodley

Vitamin C natural boost for the whole day especially since I work a 12 hour shift.

Louise Moonsamy

I love the Nativa Complex Range Vitamin C Fizzy sachets. My hubby tested positive for Covid19 and that’s the vitamin C we’ve all been taking at home. It has been our lifesaver.

Carmen Van Reenen

I love the Immune Complex it assist my family with all the needed vitamins and minerals.

Antoinette Pritchardt

Vitamin C Fizzy, gives me an extra dose of vitamin C boost & energy I need for a long day at work

Hoosen Ismail

My favourite in the Nativa Vitamin C 1000mg tabs. It works brilliantly, I can’t remember the last time I had to visit the doctor for any reason and that saves me a lot of unnecessary cost which makes my Nativa products even more special because it’s so affordable.

Letisha Bagwandeen

I absolutely love the Nativa Complex liver support. This product is an absolute life saver, whenever I eat too much junk food or just feeling sluggish I take this beauty. It gets me feeling rejuvenated and back to my normal self.

Adeline Bloem-pillay

Native Immune Complex is my favourite because it balances my immune system, fights viral infections and combats free radicals as it would keep my Immune system good while I work out and run to get fit and healthy while losing weight. So this would be perfect for me.

Thabo Molemohi

Nativa immune Complex is my favourite because my immune system has been compromised due old age and poor lifestyle and compromised due to debilitating disease that I live with, it really helps.

Rehana Seedat

My favourite is The Nativa Liver support. It has a powerful blend of multiple ingredients to help give ongoing support to my liver and keep it working properly every day.

Lucy Lucy

I love Native Immune Complex, it nourish and boost immune system, supply my body with vitamins and minerals

Nomaswazi Gumede

Nativa Immune Complex is my favourite because It helps my immune system

Shaheeda Loofer

I love Nativa Vitamin C Fizzy as it gives me a natural boost.

Selona Govender

My absolute favourite is The Nativa Liver support. It has an impressive blend of ingredients that keeps my liver strong and healthy. It works brilliantly

Veloshni Persadh

Nativa Immune Complex is my family favorite more so during this pandemic. Helps to boost our immune system….

Shabnum Ameer

My favorite product is the Immune complex Antioxidant support. It gives me the protection my body needs free radicals & boosts my immunity. Other vitamins never made much of a difference.

Mariska Venter

Immune complex my favorite. I’m a teacher and busy mom of 3 and a good immune system is very important to me

Shaakiera Moodley

I love the Nativa Complex Vitamin C 1000mg capsules. I use it now more than ever to boost my immune system during these trying times of Covid. It’s my favourite product because it has many benefits such as having antioxidant properties, supports my immune function, aids in wound healing and helps maintain good health and well-being.

Megan Prime

I love the Immune Complex as it assist my body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep my system healthy

Immune Nativa Complex

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    Nativa Complex Range
    Winter is coming… Time to say goodbye to lounging in the sun. But you can still get your source of sunshine from our new Vitamin D3 Complex® supplement! Be in the know and find out how this convenient capsule can help you. www.nativacomplex.co.za/immune-health/ ... See MoreSee Less
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    Nativa Complex Range
    To celebrate the peaceful aura of Garden Meditation Day, we’re sharing the top benefits of meditation. •It reduces stress and controls anxiety.•It can improve sleep by relaxing the tension in your body. •It promotes better focus and concentration. Grab your mat, find a peaceful place to sit outside and become one with your body. ... See MoreSee Less
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