Nativa Complex® CoQ10

Nativa Complex®

Nativa Complex® CoQ10 is a high potency CoQ10 and Bioperine supplement which maintains cardiovascular health and may help preventing statin side effects.

CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance found throughout the body, but especially in the heart, which functions as an antioxidant & plays a vital role in heart health. CoQ10 stores decrease as you age or with poor lifestyle habits.

Why choose Nativa Complex® CoQ10

  • High potency 150mg CoQ10
  • High quality, patented Bioperine° (black pepper extract) for better absorption
  • Maintains cardiovascular health
  • Essential antioxidant for healthy ageing
  • Provides needed fuel for proper daily function of body organs with high-energy demands like the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs
  • May help prevent statin side effects on muscles e.g. painful cramps

Adults & children (12 years+): 1 capsule daily after a meal

NAPPI CODE: 719691001

Nativa Complex®

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Active IngredientsPer Capsule (maximum daily dosage)
Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecarenone)150mg
Bioperine® (Piper nigrum(black pepper) [fruit,extract])5mg